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John Mattimore
Chief Sales Officer

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John joined eParalegal after years of dedicated appellate consultancy within the industry (PHP, AppealTech, Appellate Innovations). John has seamlessly guided his clients from start to finish in perfecting thousands of appeals by calling upon his expertise in the New York Appellate Divisions, the New York State Court of Appeals and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


The foundation of John's strong background in customer service was laid having worked in insurance, appellate services and litigation support for over a decade, allowing him to bring a veteran’s mindset, where he instinctively knows what to say to ensure clients are satisfied and given peace of mind. 


He's dedicated every minute of his time learning the ins and outs of the field so he can make himself an asset to his clients, team of paralegals and attorneys as they work their way through the Appellate process. John resides in Suffolk County with his wife and two beautiful daughters. Contact John.

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